Combine your TV and your Computer

Published: 16th July 2009
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Eliminate the Cable Box

Have you ever been upset that the cable and satellite providers keep increasing their costs? It seems the more capable our TVs and electronics become the more expensive it is to be able to enjoy them. I purchased my new HDTV and was astounded by the picture clarity and quality, but I was unfortunately also astounded by how much my cable bill jumped up in order to be able to take advantage of it. I had to do something to enjoy my new toy but keep my monthly expenses down.

My computer has become my cable box

I began researching to determine the most cost-effective way to eliminate the strangle hold the cable company had one me. I searched the internet for solutions to my problem and found that they are countless ways out there to acheive what I was looking for. I came across this website that would allow me to watch all my favorite TV shows, watch all my favorite movies, and even function as a music provider when I need just a little background music.

My computer is also my DVD player

No more going to the store to rent movies or paying for On Demand

Most computers are coming with DVD players anymore and that makes them even more viable as your ultimate home entertainment source. If you can accomplish what your cable box (or satellite receiver) and DVD player do by simply connecting your computer then you've now eliminated the need to have anything else connected to your TV and home theater/surround sound system. I've mainly been using my computer as my movie player by accessing streaming online TV, Movies, & Music but the nice part is that if I do have a movie I'd like to watch I can simply throw it in my computer's DVD drive. I prefer the ease of the streaming process from this website, but it's just nice to know that I don't need my old DVD player hooked up anymore.

I have it all for much less than I had expected

The cost is shockingly low. I figured it would be at least three times as much as what I currently pay. They even had three different options for me to sign up. To be able to watch live TV it is only $14.95. To access the movies, music, and video streaming I could sign up for a year for only $2.49/month. A two-year subscription was only $1.37/month. And the best option which it seems may be for a limited time only is to get unlimited VIP access for a one-time payment of $34.95. That's substantially less than even a single month's cable or satellite bill. Not to mention how much the average person will save by not having to go to a movie rental store or use On Demand.

Hooking Up Your Computer to Your TV

So now that we know that we can watch TV, watch movies, and listen to music all with this service, we just simply need to hook up our computers to our TVs.

This task is far less complicated than it may sound. And just so you know it's not necessary to take advantage of what "stream online movies" has to offer, but it is definitely nice to be able to streamline your home entertainment system into just having your computer, your receiver, and your TV in your living room. All that we need to do to connect our computers to our systems is to determine the best connection capabilities of our computer, receiver, and TV. The easiest way would be if our computer, receiver, and TV all had HDMI connections. At which point we just take an HDMI cable from the computer, send it to the receiver, and then an HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV. And we're finished you can now enjoy streaming online TV, Movies, & Music on both your computer and your home entertainment system. If our equipment does not have the HDMI connections then we simply determine what our best video output off of the computer is (Component, S-Video, VGA, Composite) and connect that to our TV. That takes care of the picture. Then we do the same for the sound and connect it to the TV. So determine the best audio output from the computer (Optical, Digital Coax, Analog Audio) and connect that to our receiver and we're finished. Lastly, we'll just simply need to get into the display and sound settings of our computer to make sure they know how we're connecting our computer and set it up to optimize our picture and sound quality.

Nathan C Evans
A Proud Independent Business Owner

Now you can fully enjoy watching cable TV, streaming online movies, and listening to your favorite music from both your computer and your home entertainment system.

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